Sir George Trevelyan: thoughts and beliefs

The Active Eye in Architecture

A book by Sir George Trevelyan, 1977

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This book is, very humbly, dedicated
to the Muse of Architecture
May she take her rightful place
with the other Nine

From the back cover of the book...

Sir George Trevelyan, Bt., M.A., is well known for his pioneering work in Adult Education, both as Principal of Attingham Park (1948-71) and, in his retirement, as Founder-Director of the Wrekin Trust, an educational charity concerned with the spiritual nature of man and the universe. He is an eloquent lecturer and inspiring teacher bringing to many subjects a freshness and originality of approach.

This certainly holds good in his book The Active Eye in Architecture. It is, he says, a book by an amateur for amateurs, and its message may be understood without previous knowledge of architectural history. Indeed Sir George feels that a purely academic and intellectual approach may too often miss the real inspiration and joy or exploring architecture. He introduces us to a way of looking which, while basically a teaching technique, may lead through to new heights of understanding and even illumination. Through it we may experience the frozen music of architecture released into growing, moving, metamorphosing forms. In our age we are exploring the subtler senses and finding out how latent faculties may be awakened. Here in this book is a clue which, though applied in a specific field, has general implications of profound significance for the whole art of looking and seeing.

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First published by the Wrekin Trust in 1977
Now out of print and available on this website only.

1. Stone in Movement
2. The Lively Image
3. Birth of a Column
4. Interlude on Metamorphosis in Plants
5. The Primary Polarity
6. Man the Measure
7. A Venture into Vanbrugh
8. The Ubiquitous Pillar
9. Imagination into Gothic
10. The Spiritual Springs of Architecture

The Active Eye in Architecture

Sir George Trevelyan

An approach to dynamic and imaginative looking

With illustrations by the author

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The Active Eye in Architecture
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1977 by The Wrekin Trust
This book is out-of-print, available only on this website
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