Attingham:  Courses and conferences 1

Arts and Crafts
Art course Art course 2 Crafts course Attingham Adventure weekend - coracle building Furniture course Furniture course Sculpture course Sculpture course Sculpture course Painting course Authors Edith Pargeter and G Latham Medieval Art exhibition
Children's Needs course, 1949 Children's Needs, 1949 Children's Needs, 1949
Country Dance courses 1950 Country Dance 2 Country Dancing 3 Country Dance 4 Country Dance - sword dancing Country Dancing Country Dance - parade Country Dance Outdoor drama and dance performance Dance course
Drama - Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, 1949 Drama - the cast of Twelfth Night, 1949 Drama - Twelfth Night, 1949 Drama - Shakespeare's Richard II Drama - Richard II, death scene of John of Gaunt

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