Attingham:  Life and People
Attingham at the weekend Mealtime! Dining room - Young Farmers Mealtime 2 Mealtime 3 Mealtime 4 Mealtime 5 The Dining Room today Kitchen staff Raising the flag for an Anglo-American friendship weekend Mrs Gwen Orgill, housekeeper and pure jewel Mrs Orgill, Miss Lawrence and Miss Case-Morris Miss Case Morris, secretary, and Mrs Orgill, housekeeper St Barbe - man of the trees Painting walls Work-party arriving to prepare for the opening of the college Work-party at work Tour of the grounds Lady Berwick and Lady Trevelyan Lady Berwick and Lady Trevelyan Mrs Davis and Joyce Harley Ruth Bell (Nesfield-Cookson) Entertaining notables Elaine Reed, asst secretary Mary and George Firth Peter Palfreman and Pat McCarthy, Attingham staff Peter Palfreman, Attingham handyman Robin Chaplin, asst warden Staff members dressed for a concert Leonard and Ruth Bell at a lecture by Keith Critchlow Ruth Bell Ruth Bell in her office Attingham staff Christmas party Attingham staff Christmas party Attingham staff Christmas party Attingham administrative staff Bruce MacManaway course With Bruce MacManaway,  and David Spangler With Bruce MacManaway With Bruce MacManaway With David Spangler and his travelling companion With David Spangler

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